Today’s business environments are faced with an array very publicized issues such as product performance, industry compliance, security and pubic opinion. INSPECT’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) service provides a completely independent entity which will evaluate the work products generated by or for your organization. INSPECT’s IV&V service can monitor and evaluate every aspect of the project itself from inception to completion. We believe that is an industry “best practice” since it is far easier and more cost effective to correct problems that are identified early in the project than later in the project.

INSPECT’s IV&V team has the experience and expertise to review all aspects of your project. Having expertise with IT Assessments, Due Diligence Reporting, IT Process and Procedures Audits, Project Management, and Systems Analysis and Design our Inspectors will provide you a comprehensive verification and validation service.

What you can expect from INSPECT as your IV&V service provider:
Honesty, integrity, business savvy, technical prowess, superior analytical skills. That is just for starters. In addition to core competency, you can expect highly developed skills in both written and verbal communications. The ability to effectively communicate is such an important attribute it cannot be emphasized too strongly. The ability not only to analyze, but to distill and communicate the results of that analysis in a form that will help direct a project to success. And, the ability to present findings at either a technical or executive level. The value you receive is the confidence you have at the end of the project. Are things on track? Are there hidden problems? Are we doing the best we can – are there simple things that can significantly improve the process or product? Is the project likely to be a success? These are questions that will be answered by INSPECT.

To inquire about or acquire INSPECT’s IV&V Service:

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