A new massive cryptomining campaign target Linux servers exploiting old flaw

By Pierluigi Paganini

weathermap cryptominer Linux servers

Trend Micro uncovered a new crypto mining campaign targeting Linux servers that exploit the CVE-2013-2618 flaw in Cacti’s Network Weathermap plug-in, which system administrators use to visualize network activity.

Security firm Trend Micro uncovered new crypto mining campaign, a cybercriminal gang has made nearly $75,000 by installing a Monero miner on vulnerable Linux servers.

The hackers are exploiting a five-year-old vulnerability in the Cacti “Network Weathermap” plugin and according to Trend Micro this campaign is linked to a previous cryptocurrency-mining campaign that used the JenkinsMiner malware.

In this last campaign that is targeting Linux servers, hackers exploited the CVE-2013-2618 vulnerability …read more

Via:: Security Affiars