Unsecured AWS S3 bucket managed by Walmart jewelry partner exposes data of 1.3M customers

By Pierluigi Paganini

Walmart jewelry partner MBM Company Inc data leak

An unsecured Amazon S3 bucket, managed by a Walmart jewelry partner MBM Company Inc, left personal and contact information of 1.3 million customers exposed to the public internet.

A new case of an Amazon S3 bucket left open online, this time personal data belonging to 1.3 million customers of Walmart jewelry partner MBM Company have been exposed.

Experts at Kromtech Security discovered in February an Amazon S3 bucket named “walmartsql”  containing an MSSQL database backup, named MBMWEB_backup_2018_01_13_003008_2864410.bak. The name suggests that the backup may have been public since January 13, 2018, some of the records included in the archive are dated back …read more

Via:: Security Affiars