Hackers Awarded $267,000 at Pwn2Own 2018

By Eduard Kovacs

White hat hackers have earned a total of $267,000 at this year’s Pwn2Own competition for exploits targeting Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Oracle VirtualBox and Mozilla Firefox.

On the first day, Richard Zhu (aka fluorescence) failed to hack Safari, but he did demonstrate an exploit chain against Edge, which earned him $70,000. Niklas Baumstark from the Phoenhex team received $27,000 for hacking VirtualBox, while Samuel Groß (aka saelo) of Phoenhex earned $65,000 for hacking Safari.

On the second day of Pwn2Own 2018, Zhu earned $50,000 for hacking Firefox with an out-of-bounds read flaw …read more

Via:: Security Week